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Record everything in this system and look back years later knowing that your information and history is intact.

Great for looking back years later to see what sort of things you did, what applications you ran, what files you created.

What can it do?

Manage your Personal Information

Keep track of all the details of your Life in this easy and exportable system. All your events, appointments, tasks, goals, dreams, etc can now be in one place. With its fast search system you can get fast information about any task or project you have worked on.

Plan your Life

Set goals for yourself, and plot a course to achieve them. Its much easier to tackle a couple of small tasks a week than it is to take on one huge task. LifePim helps you by letting you record the small tasks and you can set reminders to do them. Even years in advance!

Record Your Memoirs as you go

Start recording the highlights of your life NOW so you and your kids / grandchildren can look back and enjoy the memories. You can choose which items to be public and which are to remain private (private events are not exported unless you say so).

Its so easy to do - and its such a valuable thing years down the track. Wouldn't you like to see how your grandparents lived their lives?